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Posted on December 12, 2011

I was born way back in the 50’s, so to most young people I will probably be regarded as a bit of an old fart. But before you judge it might be worth noting that I was brought up with the Beatles, was a teenager in the 70’s and have witnessed the explosion of pop musicLady Gaga, Hair, Edge of Glory and Judas - Paul O'Grady Show. Read more ... » around the world.

Guess the first band I really got hooked by was QueenQueen Meets Waynes World AKA Bohemian Rhapsody. Read more ... » when I heard Bohemian RhapsodyQueen Meets Waynes World AKA Bohemian Rhapsody. Read more ... » for the first time. That is usually how it works you hear someone for the first time and love their music based on one track. Then you start to think, wonder what else they have done and it goes from there. Sometimes it’s a one hit wonder and other times you end up with every album they ever made. But it doesn’t matter if it is only one track rather than 10 albums, because one brilliant track is better than none at all.

The thing about us oldies brought up and living through those decades is that we love music from most genres, I do have a few pet hates, enjoy the old stuff, much of which has been regurgitated and covered numerous times through the decades, and the new stuff with equal passion.

We once shocked our grandchildren when we asked them what their favourite band was at the moment. They replied you probably wouldn’t have heard of the Black Eyed PeasEmpire State of Mind Video, Featuring Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. Read more ... », to which we said: ‘well we have their last 2 albums’ and play them all the time.

I am not going to say you will like every track I post about on this blog, but you may well like a few and find yourself being introduced to a few oldies that you had never heard of, and you might just love them. Only one way to find out, have a bit of a browse and don’t forget to leave a comment. Good or bad.

Being born about the time the Beatles were getting it together must have left a legacy of being able to connect with and enjoy a wide range of music.  Lost count of how many CD’s I have, how many different artists are included and the different types.

You can hook up with me on MySpace if you like, it is the music social media site.

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