Amy Winehouse – Performing Valerie Live on BBC Sessions

Posted on July 7, 2011

Amy Winehouse Performing ValerieI have been planning to publish an Amy Winehouse track for quite some time now, then today I find out that at the age of 27 years she has been found dead in her Camden flat. Twenty seven years old means to me she had her whole life to look forward to and to be gone at such a young age is nothing short of a travesty.

All I can do now is to share my favourite Amy Winehouse track with you in respect for someone who was an amazing talent. This despite the fact that at the same time she was a tortured soul. She is not the first amazing talent to die at such a young age, the reason for her death has not yet been announced, but I don’t think there will be any surprises when it is. And like the ones that have gone before her it sort of goes with the territory for the more vulnerable of the artistic talents; pushed into the limelight and perhaps finding themselves unable to cope. Even sadder to say she probably won’t be the last, but if what has happened to her can serve as a warning to others entering the business, then at least it might make them think twice before taking a wrong route.

Anyway here is Valerie performed live by the late Amy Winehouse. A sad loss of young persons life.

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