It’s Good News Week; Hedgehoppers Anonymous – Jonathan King Production

Posted on August 22, 2011

Hedgehoppers from Peterborough were renamed anonymous by Jonathan King, presumably because being popular in Peterborough was as good as being anonymous. Still they weren’t quite as anonymous once they had their 1965 hit ‘Good News Week’.

But there is a personal note to this post in that most of the band came from the RAF and one of them used to go out with my sister in law way back when in the 60’s. Bit odd that the record has a sort of anti-war theme then, and even odder that my sister-in-law turned down pop star fame for a regular RAF guy. That said some 40 plus years later they are still together and have recently become grandparents, so perhaps life isn’t all about fame after all 🙂

As for the Hedgehoppers, they split up within a year or so of releasing their 1965 hit and they all went their separate ways. Their name incidentally comes from the practice of Vulcan Bomber pilots flying at very low levels, effectively hedge hopping, which was done to avoid radar detection by the enemy. If you have ever seen a Vulcan, I have, you will probably realise that doing this was a highly skilled exercise and not for the feint hearted.

As you might imagine with a one hit wonder and a very short time as a group, Hedgehoppers Anonymous best of album is a little strapped for tracks i.e. they only have four. But the good news is, if you will excuse the pun, that they are all pretty good.So if you liked the video, there is a pretty good chance you will like The Best Of Hedgehoppers Anonymous. For me it was a toss up between ‘It’s Good News Week’ and ‘Stuck in the Middle With You’.

The Best of Hedgehoppers Anonymous

1. Stuck In The Middle With You 3:14
2. Breakin’ Up The House 2:46
3. It’s Good News Week 2:08
4. Runaway 3:28

Rolling Stones, Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Posted on September 19, 2010

The Rolling Stones classic hit Can’t Get No Satisfaction has got to be one of the iconic releases of the sixties being the first of the Rolling Stones international hits. It was released in June 1965 and spent 4 weeks as number 1 in the States. This gave the Rolling Stones, with Mick Jagger as lead singer, worldwide status as a serious and premier rock band. Their first real success on the album front was Aftermath which reached number 1 in the albums chart in the UK and number 2 in the States.

These days however some 40 years plus later you can benefit from listening to a compilation of their greatest hits and my favorite 2 CD set of their best tracks is Forty Licks, you can find all the tracks from Forty Licks listed below. Have to say it is a pretty impressive compilation of the best tracks the Stones have released.

Forty Licks by the Rolling Stones

Disc: 1
1. Street Fighting Man
2. Gimme Shelter
3. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
4. The Last Time
5. Jumpin Jack Flash
6. You Can’t Always Get What you Want
7. 19th Nervous Breakdown
8. Under My Thumb
9. Not Fade Away
10. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby
11. Sympathy For The Devil
12. Mother’s Little Helper
13. She’s a Rainbow
14. Get Off My Cloud
15. Wild Horses
16. Ruby Tuesday
17. Paint It Black
18. Honky Tonk Women
19. It’s All Over Now
20. Let’s Spend The Night Together
Disc: 2
1. Start Me Up
2. Brown Sugar
3. Miss You
4. Beast Of Burden
5. Don’t Stop (new)
6. Happy
7. Angie
8. You Got Me Rocking
9. Shattered
10. Fool To Cry
11. Love Is Strong
12. Mixed Emotions
13. Keys To Your Love (new)
14. Anybody Seen My Baby?
15. Stealing My Heart (new)
16. Tumbling Dice
17. Undercover of the Night
18. Emotional Rescue
19. Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It)
20. Losing My Touch (new)