A Girl Like You – Edwyn Collins

Posted on September 08, 2012

A Girl Like YouNever known a girl like you before was a bit of a one hit wonder for Edwyn Collins and he is probably known better in the music world as a producer of music than he is as a recording artist. That said he did get to number ‘4’ in the United Kingdom and number ‘7’ in the U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Track, so not a bad effort really.

The track has raised its head again on a UK TV advert reminding me of its first release in 1995, how time flies. But it was originally inspired by the sound of Northern Soul which was at its height a little earlier in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The track is included on the Edwyn Colin’s album Gorgeous George which has Paul Cook of Sex Pistols fame doing the drums. A Girl Like You┬áhas a pretty unique sound thanks in part to the use of the vibraphone, which was also played by Paul Cook.

So there you have it Gorgeous George is one of only two albums made by Edwyn Collins and it has only been rated 22 times on Amazon.com but it has got a fraction under the five star rating. So somebody out there loves it, and ‘A Girl Like You’ is a pretty good example of the quality music the album offers.

Gorgeous George

  1. “The Campaign for Real Rock”
  2. “A Girl Like You”
  3. “Low Expectations”
  4. “Out Of This World”
  5. “If You Could Love Me”
  6. “North Of Heaven”
  7. “Gorgeous George”
  8. “It’s Right In Front Of You”
  9. “Make Me Feel Again”
  10. “Keep On Burning” (on 1996 reissue)
  11. “I’ve Got It Bad”
  12. “Subsidence”
  13. “The Moron Song” (unlisted bonus track)

Ray of Light – Madonna

Posted on January 23, 2011

Ray of Light - MadonnaMadonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ is a bit of a contrast to Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’ and perhaps not as iconic, but a great track all the same. Madonna has been around a long time now and managed to re-invent herself at numerous stages throughout her musical lifetime. I know I have really not liked some of her stuff, ‘Like A Virgin’ springs to mind. But her single and album Ray of Light is a favourite and still gets plenty of air time in our house, especially if we are in party mood. This video was released by Madonna VideoHD and has only been viewed aound 10,000 times, even the Warner Bros version has only been viewed about 500,000 times. I guess that isn’t too shabby but I sort of expected to see this visited a lot more than that, it was after all listed as being one of the greatest 500 albums of all time, anyway here it is with a chance to get the viewing figures up. On YouTube anyway.

Ironically Ray of Light was one of two tracks not composed by Madonna, the other was ‘Mer Girl’. The song Ray of Light was based on a record called ‘Sepheryn’ and I seem to remember seeing a TV program that stated the original composers were very happy that Madonna chose it for her new album, if for no other reason than it set them up for life with the royalties they received.

Ray of Light the Album

1. Drowned World/Substitute For Love 5:11
2. Swim 5:00
3. Ray Of Light 5:21
4. Candy Perfume Girl 4:36
5. Skin 6:21
6. Nothing Really Matters 4:29
7. Sky Fits Heaven 4:47
8. Shanti/Ashtangi 4:28
9. Frozen 6:16
10. The Power Of Good-Bye 4:12
11. To Have And Not To Hold 5:22
12. Little Star 5:18
13. Mer Girl 5:31

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