The Last Dance – Indila

Posted on March 17, 2014

IndilaI thought it was high time I put a French song on this blog as a main feature and that I might as well make it a good one. Did take me a while to track down the title though, because they haven’t exactly been forthcoming on French radio with respect to announcing the singer or song title. But I liked this song so much that I actually turned the music up loud and listened carefully to get the French words so I had a chance of searching for it on Youtube. So it goes to show, it’s not only English language tracks that can grab your attention, sometimes it’s the sound of the music that pulls you in. Although I suppose classical music has been proving that fact for years.

I actually found this track in the end by typing in ‘danse danse danse french song’. Not that you need that now, because if you are reading this you have already found it 🙂

So who is Indila, well her real name is Adila Sedraia and she is a French R&B singer and song writer. She is not really that well known outside of the French speaking countries, but Greece took this particular track to heart and she was number 1 there earlier this year. Dernière Danse, to give it its correct French title, is the first track on her Mini World album. But don’t be fooled by some of the English titles, all these tracks are in French, which I quite like, but I guess is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

1 Dernière Danse 3:33
2 Tourner Dans Le Vide 4:05
3 Love Story 5:15
4 S.O.S 4:32
5 Comme Un Bateau 4:55
6 Run Run 3:44
7 Ego 4:16
8 Boite En Argent 4:24
9 Tu Ne M’Entends Pas 3:17
10 Mini World 5:08

Pink’s Just Give Me A Reason

Posted on July 20, 2013

P!nk_Live_2013I have to admit I have never been the biggest Pink fan in the world but recently her record ‘Just Give Me a Reason, which incidentally I think should have been called ‘Learn to Love Again’, has been getting a lot of air time on French radio. You can guess what happened, yes it gradually grew on me and now I think she may just have got me hooked. I actually love this track and have got to the point where they can’t play it enough.

I am not saying she isn’t a good singer, when I mention I have not been her biggest fan, I have always thought she could belt out a tune and her performances have always been highly professional. But until now nothing she has done has grabbed me, it was in my view OK and that was about it, but with this release she seems to have crossed the line over to top drawer. Perhaps in the future I will listen a little more carefully to what she puts out.

If my daughter reads this she may be a little put out, she bought me Pink’s boxed set of CD’s for a Christmas present about 4 years ago and I am still yet to play the second CD. But you never know I may just dig it out and see if I can find something else of her’s I really like.

Nate Ruess, the lead singer from ‘Fun’ features in this video and ‘Fun are another band I have been warming to. Especially since they made a few guest appearances on some of the UK TV chat shows. Anyway back to ‘Just Give Me a Reason’, it is from the album The Truth About Love (Explicit) which is, as you can see, labelled explicit.

Here is the track listing, which you can listen to individually using the link above.

1. Are We All We Are (Explicit Version) Pink 3.37
2. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Explicit Version) Pink 4.15
3. Try Pink 4:07
4. Just Give Me a Reason P!nk feat. Nate Ruess 4:02
5. True Love (Explicit Version) P!nk feat. Lily Allen 3:50
6. How Come You’re Not Here Pink 3:12
7. Slut Like You (Explicit Version) Pink 3:42
8. The Truth About Love (Explicit Version) Pink 3:48
9. Beam Me Up Pink 4:27
10. Walk of Shame (Explicit Version) Pink 2:42
11. Here Comes The Weekend (Explicit Version) P!nk featuring Eminem 4:24
12. Where Did The Beat Go? Pink 4:18
13. The Great Escape Pink 4.24

Quite a few featured artists in this lest, not just Nate Ruess, but Lilly Allen and Eminem. But then she is a big star, despite my previous opinion. What do I know anyway, well I know what I like and I am happy to share my opinion and I guess if you are still reading at this point then you probably like the same stuff I do 🙂