Music For You, Unbelievable – EMF

Posted on May 09, 2010

Well if you want the official video for Unbelievable by EMF you are going to have to go to YouTube. They have disabled embedding so I couldn’t put it here for you, that’s ‘Unbelievable’!

As a compromise you can have a look at Tom Jones and EMF, for which the embedding is still enabled, can you believe that?

Its actually a pretty good compromise, because old Tom can really belt out a tune when he wants to.

Unfortunately EMF fit into the category of one hit wonders as their track Unbelievable was it really. That pains me a little bit because these guys come from my old territory in the Forest of Dean, a sleepy little portion of the UK in the county of Gloucestershire.

To be honest the only track I really liked from EMF is Unbelievable, which I loved as did most of the country when it was released at the beginning of the 90’s. It actually got to number 3 in the UK but amazingly it went to number 1 in the States. So as 90’s music goes it was a pretty successful record for the Forest of Dean band. Just a shame they couldn’t repeat the success.

The closest they got to a second hit record was I Believe which got to number 6 in the UK and number 10 in the States. Still not bad but it was nothing like as good as ‘Unbelievable’.

A couple more of their tracks that achieved moderate success were ‘Children’ and ‘Lies’. You can visit EMF’s official website to find out more about those.

They actually got their name from the groupies of New Order who were called ‘Epsom Mad Funkers’ I suppose if the last word was changed to something more appropriate for groupies it would still have worked 🙂

The band members:

  • James Atkin (vocals, guitars), born in Birmingham
  • Ian Dench (guitars, keyboards), born in Cheltenham
  • Derry Brownson (keyboards and samples), born in Gloucester
  • Mark Decloedt (drums), born in Gloucester
  • Zac Foley(bass guitar), born in the Forest of Dean

Nena-99 Luftballons new version (2013)

Posted on January 01, 1970

Nena - 99 Red Balloons That is 99 red balloons to us who speak the Queen’s English. Another 1 hit wonder, well as far as the UK is concerned, this time from the 80’s which was reborn with this new version in 2009. 99 Luftballons
doesn’t translate directly to 99 red balloons however, it didn’t really work in English so the red was thrown in to help things out a bit.

Have to say Nena still looks in pretty good shape given around 26 years have drifted by since the original was released way back in 1983. Nena is not strictly a one hit wonder artist as she has been around for a long time and has managed a series of hits over her time as a singer and pop artist. Not in the UK however but rather in the Netherlands, Austria, and Germany with some success in Switzerland. The band ‘Nena’ split up in 1987 and Neno the solo artist has gone it alone since then. The English speaking world never really took to any of her other releases, hence the ‘one hit wonder label’, but I should point out that she has had platinum releases and big success in the Germanic regions of the world plus this track went to number 2 in the States, at least the English version did.

Anyway its a pretty good little ditty and the video below released in 2013 is a lot more interesting than the original one from the 80’s and it’s in German.

99 Luftballons

1. 99 Red Balloons
2. Hangin’ on You
3. Just a Dream
4. Let Me Be Your Pirate
5. Kino
6. Das Land der Elefanten
7. Leuchtturm
8. Rette Mich
9. Uner Kannt Durch’s Marchenland
10. 99 Luftballons