David Bowie – Space Oddity

Posted on February 2, 2011

While we are in the 70’s it is worth having a listen and a look at another major icon from the period, Mr David Bowie. Unlike Marc BolanMarc Bolan and T Rex - I Love To Boogie. Read more ... » he is still alive and well and occasionally knocks out the odd single. Space Oddity was actually released in 1969 so not strictly a 70’s production and only reached number 5 in the UK chartsWhat Have I Done to Deserve This - Dusty Springfield and the Pet Shop Boys. Read more ... ». But it was the first record that brought David Bowie to the attention of the general public, if only for a brief period. Bowie came back bigger and stronger in 1972 when he re-invented himself with the Ziggy Stardust character. Space Oddity was then re-released in 1975 right about the time I was really getting my own take on what music I really liked. Not all Bowie’s stuff grabbed the attention and for many the Ziggy Stardust image was a bit of a turn off, although I guess it must have appealed to some, it was the 70’s after all. Bowie’s sexuality was in question as well back in those days, which added a little more confusion to the image he was portraying and the audience he was trying to reach.

At the end of the day though good music is good music and as such will prevail, my favourite David Bowie album is ChangesBowie even though it is missing one or two of his classics, Starman springs to mind and of course his famous collaborations with QueenQueen Meets Waynes World AKA Bohemian Rhapsody. Read more ... » and Mick JaggerVideo of Susan Boyle's Wild Horses Cover. Read more ... », Under Pressure and Dancing in the Street. If you want the collaborations you can get them and all the other tracks listed on ChangesBowie, including Space Oddity, on the Best of David Bowie, most of them have been remastered as well. Perhaps I should change allegiance and switch to the Best of David Bowie as my declared favourite.

Best OF David Bowie

A bit more for your moneyPink Floyd Money - The Original Version. Read more ... » than ChangesBowies offers and still has Space Oddity

1. Space Oddity (1999 Digital Remaster) 5:16
2. Changes (1999 Digital Remaster) 3:35
3. Suffragette City (2002 Digital Remaster) 3:27
4. Ziggy Stardust (2002 Digital Remaster) 3:15
5. The Jean Genie (1999 Digital Remaster) 4:08
6. Rebel Rebel (1999 Digital Remaster) 4:31
7. Young Americans (Single Version) (2002 Digital Remaster) 3:15
8. Fame (1999 Digital Remaster) 4:17
9. Golden Years (Single Version) (2002 Digital Remaster) 3:28
10. Heroes (Single Version) (2002 Digital Remaster) 3:37
11. Ashes To Ashes (Single Version) (2002 Digital Remaster) 3:38
12. Fashion (Single Version) (2002 Digital Remaster) 3:27
13. Under Pressure 3:57
14. Let’s Dance (Single Version) (2002 Digital Remaster) 4:10
15. China Girl (Single Version) (2002 Digital Remaster) 4:17
16. Modern Love (1999 Digital Remaster) 4:46
17. Blue Jean (1999 Digital Remaster) 3:11
18. Dancing In The Street (2002 Digital Remaster) 3:21
19. This Is Not America (2002 Digital Remaster) 3:53
20. I’m Afraid Of Americans (V1) (Radio Edit Of Trent Reznor Mix) 4:25

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