Emeli Sande – Heaven from Our Version of Events

Posted on March 3, 2013

Emeli Sande - Our Version of Events Special EditionChoosing my favourite track from Emeli Sande’s Our Version of Events proved impossible. It is rare that I can say an album is just so good it is impossible to select an absolute, for definite this is the best track. But that is exactly the dilemma I found myself in with Emeli.

The other fact associated with this article, and which I now cannot really quite believe, is that I would never have owned this album (probably) if my son and his wife had not received a copy each for ChristmasKirsty MacColl Christmas Song. Read more ... ». The consequence of that being that they offered the spare to me. I said at the time ‘yeah don’t mind some of her stuff, and she did sing at the Olympics, so why not.’ To be honest, I actually thought that Emeli had been over promoted a bit, especially with the Olympics thing, and hadn’t really bothered to listen to any of her stuff; other than catching the odd track on the radio of course. But hey, I like music and I didn’t dislike what I had heard, I just hadn’t followed it up. And now that I was effectively getting an extra Christmas present by default, I just went with it.

Wow was that ever a good decision, since then this album has burned itself into my brain and I now absolutely love it. During a two day drive back to the South of France, it got played repeatedly. This was rather than constantly fighting to find a clear radio signal and subsequently losing it again as soon as another 50 miles went by. But I think that is just an excuse really, the truth is as soon as I had heard the full album, I wanted to hear it again. There were other albums in the car of course and Emeli was interjected with a bit of the CureLove Cats by the Cure. Read more ... » or perhaps MadonnaRay of Light - Madonna. Read more ... », but as soon as the alternative album ended, on she went again, neither my wife nor I could get enough of Her Version of Events‘.

When we did finally get back to the house and I could put the album on my music system and play it properly or perhaps what the neighbours might call ‘rather loudly’, I was into it hook line and sinker.

So, going back to the ‘my favourite’ dilemma. It was really only a dilemma because I had to decide which video to feature. In the end I decided to feature the first track from the album called ‘Heaven’. You can watch it below and if you are like me, then there is no doubt that you will also absolutely love it.

As a little bonus I have popped another video in that plays the whole album, the little one above. Well it’s not the whole of the album I have, because I got some bonus tracks on ‘my version of events’. So the full list including bonus tracks of my ‘Our Version of Events’ is as follows:

  • Heaven
  • My Kind of Love
  • Where I Sleep
  • Mountains
  • Clown
  • Daddy (ft. Naughty Boy)
  • Maybe
  • Suitcase
  • Breaking the Law
  • Next to Me
  • River
  • Lifetime
  • Hope
  • Read All About It Pt. III

Bonus Tracks

  • Wonder (Naughty Boy featuring Emeli Sande)
  • Breaking the Law (Alternative version)
  • Easier in Bed
  • Beneath Your Beautiful (Labrinth featuring Emeli Sande)
  • Imagine

None found.

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