Kirsty MacColl Christmas Song

Posted on December 12, 2011

Here it is, last minute admittedly, but it is my favourite Christmas Song, made even more poignant due to the fact it is sung by the late and great Kirsty MacColl, and features the Irish maestros the Pogues. It is of course the ‘Fairytale of New York’. The best Christmas song ever.

Kirsty was killed in a boating accident in Mexico, so you will never hear the like of this again, well not from Kirsty Maccoll anyway. Which is a shame, because it seems many of the best artists in music seem to end up taking a bit of an early departure. Don’t want to get too morbid though, it is Christmas, and this was a celebration of that event dome in a party style of true Irish tradition. So just enjoy and think about the musical talent and the holidays. Sorry I am not so religious, so not a lot to say about the birth of Jesus in my dialogue of drivel.

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