Lectrolips – Ordinary Conversation

Posted on October 10, 2010

LectroLips - Ordinary Conversation This post started a while ago when I got a message on MySpace from these guys who said they liked my blog and invited me to go and check out their music.

So that is exactly what I did and the result was a very pleasant surprise. Because having listened to the tracks on their hosting page I really liked what I heard. The link is for a MP3 download of Ordinary Conversation which was one of my favourites. You can listen to it from here Ordinary Conversation or download it for free; courtesy of LectroLips.

Alternatively if you want to check out some of their other work, you can visit the LectroLips Music Site. I think, like me, you will be pleasantly surprised. Go take a look and see what you think.

LectroLips are a British retronic-pop songwriting duo called Ant and Leo and you can find them on MySpace.

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