Love Cats by the Cure

Posted on February 2, 2011

The Cure started out around about December 1978 when they released their debut single “Killing an Arab”. But I didn’t really discover them until the early 80’s when they released Lovecats, their first UK top ten hit in 1983. It took me until 1986 to buy my first album which was called Standing on a Beach and was a vinyl LP. For some reason, unless someone knows better, this amazing album has never been digitally remastered in its own right. So the closest you can get to it is The Cure Greatest Hits , a pretty good album but not, I would hasten to add, as good as Standing on the Beach. The Cure Greatest HitsI Love Rock and Roll - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Read more ... » goes, as the title would suggest, for their most popular records, which does of course include Lovecats, the featured video. But you will be missing out on some of their earlier stuff like Killing an Arab and one or two others which for me makes the difference between the two. That said buying the Cure Greatest Hits will not disappoint and I am sure there will be many a potential Cure fan that would more than happy with this album.

The Cure Greatest Hits

1. Boys Don’t Cry
2. A Forest
3. Let’s Go To Bed
4. The Walk
5. The Lovecats
6. Inbetween Days
7. Close To Me
8. Why Can’t I Be You?
9. Just Like Heaven
10. Lullaby
11. Lovesong
12. Never Enough
13. High
14. Friday I’m In Love
15. Mint Car
16. Wrong Number
17. Cut Here
18. Just Say Yes

Standing on a Beach

1. Killing an Arab
2. Boys Don’t Cry
3. Jumping Someone Else’s Train
4. A Forest
5. Primary
6. Charlotte Sometimes
7. The Hanging Garden
8. Let’s Go to Bed
9. The Walk
10. The Lovecats
11. The Caterpillar
12. Inbetween Days
13. Close to Me
14. I’m Cold
15. Another Journey By Train
16. Descent
17. Splintered In Her Head
18. Mr. PinkPink's Just Give Me A Reason. Read more ... » Eyes
19. Happy The Man
20. Throw Your Foot
21. The Exploding Boy
22. A Few Hours After This
23. A Man Inside My Mouth
24. Stop Dead
25. New Day

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