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Posted on June 6, 2010

You definitely need to check out the first single from Katie Melua’s new album House. The single is called Flood and it really delivers on the promise for this long awaited new album from Katie.

She is actually looking a little more mature now and she really has an amazing voice and a unique talent. I personally can’t wait to hear more from this album which is available in the UK now but is on pre-order for the States, due to be available on the 3rd August. Or of course you can download House in MP3 format right now.

Katie Melua considers herself to be half Georgian and half British after settling in Belfast, Northern Ireland following the civil unrest in her home country Georgia. Could have been a bit risky in some people’s views moving to Belfast as well, but as it has turned out probably a good move for her. It was the Irishman and long standing DJ Terry Wogan who helped her to fame when he played her music on his radio show in the UK.

It has to be said that Katie Melua has the sort of voice that leaves you with that haunted feeling, her songs can initially be dismissed as not being so good, but then after hearing them a few times you sort of get infected. This wasn’t the case for this track though, loved it as soon as I heard it. Vocals are amazing, so if you like the sound of Katie Melua’s Flood, then you are probably well on the way to being hooked on Katie Melua generally.

Katie Melua’s House Album

1.I’d Love To Kill You 2:59
2. The Flood 4:05
3. A Happy Place 3:29
4. A Moment Of Madness 3:49
5. Red Balloons 4:22
6. Tiny Alien 4:38
7. No Fear Of Heights 2:55
8. The One I Love Is Gone 3:40
9. Plague Of Love 3:28
10. God On The Drums, Devil On The Bass 3:50
11. Twisted 3:46
12. The House 5:00

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