New Releases Once Upon a Time and Charlie’s Angels

Posted on May 5, 2011

This is a bit of a deviation from the normal music posts, but I have been given notice by Technorati that there are a couple of new TV series on the way from ABC, ‘Once Upon a Time’ and ‘Charlie’s Angels’. Now I know I don’t usually do TV programs, but most people who like good music, tend to like a good TV program as well, I know I do. So I thought what the heck, I’ll share it and let you decide, if you don’t visit then you don’t visit and I’ll know better next time. But if you do like this little deviation, let me know and I may do this a little more often.

Once Upon a Time

The first thing I noticed was that Robert Carlyle of ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘The Full Monty’ fame is playing Rumpelstiltskin, one of the lead roles in ‘Once Upon a Time’ series being produced by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. The guys that were also responsible for the ‘Lost’ TV series, you know the one that drives you mad because it never seems to have an end.

But who would have thought it, another UK actor makes the big time in the States, potentially. Rumpelstiltskin akka Robert Carlyle agrees to help out Snow White and Prince Charming (in fairy tale land) to counteract the evil queenQueen Meets Waynes World AKA Bohemian Rhapsody. Read more ... ยป, but for financial reimbursement, that’s a refreshing change in a fairy story.

Jennifer Morrison plays the part of Anna Swan in this mix of real world and fairy story. A bail bonds collector who gets sought out by the son she left behind. Her son ‘Henry’, thinks that his mother is from a fairy tale world but of course she is having none of it until she has a few weird and wonderful moments herself.

It does sort of grab the attention a bit, and there is probably more on offer than can be gleaned from the video. Time will tell, but it is looking pretty good.

Charlie’s Angels

The other offering from ABC is a new Charlie’s Angels series, I am sure more people will be familiar with this format, especially if you were around in the 70’s for the first series or remember the film of the same name released a little while ago with Cameron Diaz ‘et al’ starring.

The three girls are played by Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh in this series, each having a dubious background but having been offered a second chance by their controller Charlie. Sound familiar. They have got some big shoes to step into both from the original Charlie’s Angels and their predecessors in the films, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu.

But they have certainly got the looks to do it and we will have to wait and see if they have got the acting talent, although when you see them I am not too sure many people will be worrying about the acting. That said, the video trailer suggests that they do have some much required thespian talent tucked away somewhere. Drew Barrymore, by the way, is a producer on the TV show, so will no doubt influence proceedings towards the formula of the successful Charlie’s Angels films.

Ramon Rodriguez stars as the Angels’ sidekick Bosley. He has previously been seen in The Wire and Day Break. No didn’t mean a lot to me either, but I am sure he is a nice guy.

So there you have it, not one but two potential new series for you to enjoy for years to come providing the public and critical votes go in the right direction. Can’t wait to see what happens.

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