Professor Green and Lilly Allen

Posted on May 5, 2010

Have you noticed that there appears to be a new formula taking hold of the music industry. It’s pretty simple you just duet a cool dude rapper with a female singerDuffy - Beggin for Mercy and Endlessly. Read more ... » and hey presto, massive hit. I think this one featuring Professor Green and Lilly Allen is the latest in the line.

They don’t exactly follow the model of Jay-Z and Alicia KeysEmpire State of Mind Video, Featuring Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. Read more ... ». Well for one, Alicia Keys can sing and secondly I have heard of Jay-Z. But what’s the betting its going to be a big hit. Don’t get me wrong I like some of Lilly Allen’s little ditty’s but she isn’t exactly Whitney Houston is she. Popular though, course she is, especially if you listen to French radioPut Your Loving Hands Out or 'Beggin' - Madcon. Read more ... ». They don’t mess with the lyrics either, its ‘F’ you all day long, morning, noon and night and some of the stations put the song title out digitally on your radio display. I find it really amusing, must be the child in me.

See how polite I am though I called it by its ‘F’ word abbreviation. well you never know who could be reading this and get upset with me. Although most kids these days can swear before they can read anyway, so I don’t know why I am trying to be so polite.

So if you are into the rapper pretty lady combo, here it is courtesy of You Tube – Professor Green and Lilly Allen.

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