Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple

Posted on July 7, 2011

Driving around in my teens Smoke on the Water used to come on when I was playing my Deep Purple cassette tape, yes they used to have those in cars way back then, and what happened. I suddenly started to drive a bit faster, inexplicably my right foot would get heavier. Try it yourself if you don’t believe me, play this in the car when you are driving along and the car will start to accelerate and you will not be able to lift your foot off the pedal.

I can’t explain the phenomenon it just happened and it only seemed to be when ‘Smoke on the Water’ was playing for some reason. None of the other tracks had the same affect.

The song itself references the Montreux Casino in Switzerland after it caught fire and burned down. Deep Purple witnessed the event from their hotel the other side of Lake Geneva and watched as the fire worsened and the smoke spread across the water. Many of the lyrics in the song refer to the events that took place to start the fire and during the fire. The song was released as a single in 1973 and more recently (2004) has been voted as one of the top 500 greatest songs of all time by the Rolling StonesVideo of Susan Boyle's Wild Horses Cover. Read more ... » Magazine. All I know is that it was a cracking tune for a heavy metal band, and one of my favourites, hence the video below.

I can’t actually remember the album this was on that I listened to, but there is a good chance it was Machine Head. Although I have found it on The Very Best Of Deep Purple, which is probably a more fitting option given they were belting out their best stuff back in the 70’s and a lot of water has passed under the smoke since then. Sorry about that, I couldn’t resist. Anyway, the ‘Very Best of Deep Purple’ is exactly that, all their best stuff since the 70’s and a lot more tunes for the moneyPink Floyd Money - The Original Version. Read more ... ». Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane and if you want more of the Top Albums by Deep Purple you can get them here.

Very Best of Deep Purple

1. Hush
2. Kentucky Woman [Single Version]
3. Black Night
4. Speed King [US Album Version]
5. Child in Time
6. Strange Kind of Woman
7. Fireball
8. Demon’s Eye
9. Highway Star
10. Smoke on the Water
11. Space Truckin’
12. Woman from Tokyo
13. Burn
14. Stormbringer
15. Knocking at Your Back Door

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