Kim Wilde – You Keep Me Hanging On

Posted on April 07, 2012

Who would have thought that Kim Wilde would turn into a middle aged landscape gardener, and actually quite a good one. Still have to say I preferred her 1980’s image and this cover of the Supremes ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’ was one of her best.
She was a bit of a siren back in those days and certainly knew how to strut her stuff. Watch the video if you don’t believe me. But ‘heah’ we could all strut some sort of stuff when we were a bit younger and you have to remind yourself when you reach my age that the 80’s was thirty years ago now. I know I can’t believe it either but it is, really.

Kim didn’t actually do too brilliantly in her pop career as far as the States is concerned, she only actually had a couple of top 40 hits in the US ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’ was the second and last, but at least it did top the charts there, where the best it did in the UK was number two. This followed on from the ‘new wave’ hit ‘Kids in America’but was a much better effort and a cracking cover of that Supremes original and gave it a pretty good 80’s makeover.

Europe seemed to take Kim Wilde to its heart as well as her native UK and she had great success in places such as Germany, Scandanavia and France. Her best selling album was Close which spent nearly 8 months in the UK album chart. So it wasn’t at all doom and gloom in the UK and Kim was one of the UK’s most successful female artists.

Marc Bolan and T Rex – I Love To Boogie

Posted on February 06, 2011

This is a bit of a blast from the past and despite the very early and premature demise of Marc Bolan the lead singer of T Rex, the music they produced is still well known and, dare I say it, still popular in the 21st century. I Love to Boogie was one of my favourite tracks from the 70’s and was always played in all the football and rugby club discos that existed back in the 70’s. Actually where I lived, if it wasn’t for the football and rugby clubs, the only exposure I would have had to music would have been the top 40 run down on Radio 1 on a Sunday night and followed by ‘Sing Something Simple’, Top of the Pops on a Thursday night on the TV or via the better maintained duke boxes in the local pubs. Assuming they had one of course, some of them didn’t even have a bar, much less a duke box, true I promise you.

So contrary to popular belief the discos in the 70’s did have records that went beyond Saturday Night Fever and the Bee Gees. Just as well really because if they hadn’t, and that was all I had to listen to, I probably wouldn’t be around now, even if John Travolta did play the lead role in the film. He was loads better in Pulp Fiction

I Love to Boogie wasn’t the only offering from Marc Bolan and T Rex, there were plenty more where that came from, check out 20th Century Boy, which makes Marc’s demise even sadder. But if you are going to go, wrapping a yellow Mini around a tree was quick and it certainly grabbed the headlines. So here you are from Top of the Pops2, Marc Bolan, T Rex and I Love to Boogie.

20th Century Boy: The Ultimate Collection

the greatest hits album for T Rex which of course features I Love to Boogie

1. Debora – Tyrannosaurus Rex
2. One Inch Rock – Tyrannosaurus Rex
3. King Of The Rumbling Spires – Tyrannosaurus Rex
4. By The Light of A Magical Moon – Tyrannosaurus Rex
5. Elemental Child – Tyrannosaurus Rex
6. Ride A White Swan
7. Summertime Blues
8. Jewel
9. Beltane Walk
10. Hot Love
11. Get It On (Bang A Gong)
12. There Was A Time / Raw Ramp
13. Cosmic Dancer
14. Jeepster
15. Telegram Sam
16. Metal Guru
17. Mystic Lady
18. The Slider
19. Children Of The Revolution
20. Solid Gold Easy Action
21. 20th Century Boy
22. Born To Boogie
23. I Love To Boogie