Atomic Rooster – Death Walks Behind You

Posted on November 30, 2011

This one will test you memory banks. Yes all the way back to the 70’s for this Atomic Rooster classic Death Walks Behind You from the album of the same name.

One of the best albums I ever owned, so good in fact that when I lent it to a mate, I never got it back, despite numerous requests!! I suppose it was a bit warped, but still, when you lend out your prized albums, you don’t expect so called friends to say ‘not me mate, must have been someone else’. I don’t think so somehow.

Back on topic though, I did consider featuring ‘Devil’s Answer’ which does actually show the band playing and is a fabulous track. Oh what the hell (excuse the pun), lets have both. I was just going to go with Death Walks Behind You because I like the Pink Floydish intro that you get. But I think its OK to stick in a little version of Devil’s Answer as I really can’t decide which I like the best.

This version comes from Top of the Pops2 and the Dj introducing the band wasn’t too impressed with the mental awareness of some of the group members. Probably something to do with fumes from Hades Pit I expect. Or then again perhaps not, perhaps he was saying they were drugged up to the eyeballs, what a cheek. Good job it’s not a recent slur on their character because with all these new litigation cases hitting the fan, he would probably be facing a slander case at the local crown court.

Death Walks Behind You

1. Death Walks Behind You
2. Vug
3. Tomorrow Night
4. Seven Lonely Streets
5. Sleeping for Years
6. I Can’t Take No More
7. Nobody Else
8. Gershatzer
9. Play the Game
10. The Devil’s Answer [Demo Version]
11. Tomorrow Night [BBC Radio Session]
12. Shabooloo [BBC Radio Session]
13. Death Walks Behind You [BBC Radio Session]
14. The Devil’s Answer [Alternate Version]