The Last Dance – Indila

Posted on March 17, 2014

IndilaI thought it was high time I put a French song on this blog as a main feature and that I might as well make it a good one. Did take me a while to track down the title though, because they haven’t exactly been forthcoming on French radio with respect to announcing the singer or song title. But I liked this song so much that I actually turned the music up loud and listened carefully to get the French words so I had a chance of searching for it on Youtube. So it goes to show, it’s not only English language tracks that can grab your attention, sometimes it’s the sound of the music that pulls you in. Although I suppose classical music has been proving that fact for years.

I actually found this track in the end by typing in ‘danse danse danse french song’. Not that you need that now, because if you are reading this you have already found it 🙂

So who is Indila, well her real name is Adila Sedraia and she is a French R&B singer and song writer. She is not really that well known outside of the French speaking countries, but Greece took this particular track to heart and she was number 1 there earlier this year. Dernière Danse, to give it its correct French title, is the first track on her Mini World album. But don’t be fooled by some of the English titles, all these tracks are in French, which I quite like, but I guess is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

1 Dernière Danse 3:33
2 Tourner Dans Le Vide 4:05
3 Love Story 5:15
4 S.O.S 4:32
5 Comme Un Bateau 4:55
6 Run Run 3:44
7 Ego 4:16
8 Boite En Argent 4:24
9 Tu Ne M’Entends Pas 3:17
10 Mini World 5:08