Put Your Loving Hands Out or ‘Beggin’ – Madcon

Posted on June 03, 2010

I’ll be back to explain very soon why this track has been included in my major music blog. Its a bit of nostalgia and a bit about ironing. Huh!! well been a bit busy lately but all will be explained. Stay tuned.

So carrying on from the ironing bit, when we first moved to France to live, we used to listen to a radio show called NRJ in France (this is the nostalgia bit) that is pronounced ‘Energy’, good eh? They play some great music but they have a habit of repeating the same records from a reasonable sized collection over and over again. Now for some records like ‘Put Your Loving Hands Out/Beggin’ that is good because it is a great track and doesn’t drive you mad. Plus it got the wife ironing a bit quicker, see the link!!

But for some of the other tracks, basically the ones I don’t like, it became a little bit irritating. Which is why we now listed to RFM on French radio. RFM is a really good radio station that plays a lot of older stuff so perfect for an old fart like me especially as they have a smattering of some really up to date stuff as well. So a great mix.

Anyway, back to Madcon, they are a Norwegian hip hop group and I know you are already thinking that is not going to work. But it does the record is really good and now you can listen to and watch it being performed. The album isn’t readily available in the States but CD Wow and the others will ship to the States. So if you love Madcon’s ‘beggin’ then you might be able to get it that route.

Or you can search out the Adidas advert that used the record to promote its 60th birthday in the media. the original ‘Beggin’ track came from the ‘Four Seasons’ and was originally released in 1967. Madcon’s release of the single in 2007 hit number 1 spot in France, Norway and Holland. It also got to number 5 in the UK and number 7 in Germany.

I love it, so have a listen and see what you think, especially if you have not heard it before.