Hazel O ‘ Connor, Breaking Glass

Posted on October 08, 2010

Re-Joyce, The Hazel O'Connor CollectiveIt’s not often you go to a private party and find that a pop and rock icon from the 80’s is helping the celebrations along by performing a few songs for her friends. Well that is exactly what happened last night and the pop icon in question was the amazing Hazel O’Connor. It wasn’t so much that she gained a fan last night as me being reminded that I have always been a fan since she first came onto the scene in the 80’s.

Assisted by the guitarist she had only met the day before, who did a reasonable job by the way, she sang a few of her signature tunes including ‘Will You’ and ‘Stay Now’. Her songs were a real blast from the past for me and the first time I had heard any of her stuff for a good few years. But what a treat and a great contribution to a fabulous night out.

Didn’t stop there either, another star act was Hanna Grover who is currently starring in Mamma Mia in the west end. She could certainly belt out a tune as well, one of which was Lulu’s ‘Shout’. Based on her performance I think anyone in the UK should get themselves down to the West End and buy themselves a ticket for Mamma Mia, so you can find out first hand just how good she is.

Hazel O got her big break back in the 80’s when she played the lead role of ‘Kate’ in the film Breaking Glass although she had previously played a part in a film called ‘Girls Come First’ which was her d├ębut acting role in 1975; the year after I left school by the way. When the album ‘Breaking Glass‘ was released Hazel did a UK tour and used a little known group at the time as her support. To cut a long story short, Duran Duran got their first record deal off the publicity they got through touring with Hazel and the album ‘Breaking Glass’ ended up as a double platinum hit spending 28 weeks in the UK charts.

She is now on the brink of releasing a brand new single called Re-Joyce which will be available on the 6th December 2010. That is going to be a pretty competitive period in the musical world, with X Factor and a whole host of stars getting their music released for the run into Christmas. Hope Hazel does well, be great to see her in the top ten again. You can find Hazel on Itunes if you want to get some of her music and her new single should be available there as stated from the 6th December 2010.

Breaking Glass by Hazel O’Connor

1. Writing On The Wall
2. Monsters In Disguise
3. Come Into The Air
4. Big Brother
5. Who Needs It
6. Will You?
7. Eighth Day
8. Top Of The Wheel
9. Calls The Tune
10. Blackman
11. Give Me An Inch
12. If Only