Plan B – She Said

Posted on May 08, 2010

The first time I had seen or heard of Plan B was when he sang ‘She Said’ on the Jonathon Ross show, courtesy of Cheryl Cole not turning up for her gig due to bronchitis. When “Jonafon” announced that Chewyl Cole was not going to be performing, he went on to say that they had to go to Plan B and I literally thought he meant that this guy was Plan B not that he was actually called Plan B. Can you see how senility and ignorance can mess with your mind. His real name is actually Ben Drew and he comes from Forest Gate in London. He’s a bit of a cockney geezer with an edge and a penchant for singing about about gangbanging, psychopaths, and junkies

Anyway bottom line was that he turned out this amazing track, which was much better than anything Cheryl Cole could have done. So now if anyone is reading that cares, Plan B is very definitely on my wish list. In fact I think I will put it on my Amazon wish list. The guy is brilliant.

If you like this single and would like the album that features it along with his other hit single Stay Too Long. They both come from the album Defamation of Strickland Banks which you can purchase in the USA here

Or alternatively you can get it in the UK here and I can’t quite believe how much cheaper it is in the UK.

CD-WOW, Zavvi and Play will all ship to the States for around 2.50 extra, might be worth a punt.

The complete list of tracks from The Defamation of Strickland Banks

1. Love Goes Down
2. Writing’s On The Wall
3. Stay Too Long
4. She Said
5. Welcome To Hell
6. Hard Times
7. The Recluse
8. Traded In My Cigarettes
9. Prayin’
10. Darkest Place
11. Free
12. I Know A Song
13. What You Gonna Do