Junebug – Robert Francis

Posted on June 14, 2010

My wife was listening to French radio and heard Junebug by Robert Francis and immediately wanted to know who it was and what it was called. Its amazing what you can find on the Internet by typing in a few lyrics. I put ‘you were beautiful then’ into Google and drew a bit of a blank, well I got an Eric Clapton track with a similar name on YouTube, but unfortunately no banana. Then with a slight modification ‘I remember you were beautiful then’ and searching on YouTube instead of Google it was hey presto when Robert Francis Junebug came up. Right on the money and my life was saved, when you get a specific request from the wife you have to deliver, right?

So here it is the official version of Junebug by Robert Francis in all it’s glory.

Junebug is from the Robert Francis album Before Nightfall and you can download the whole album in MP3 format via the link or if you prefer select the individual tracks. You might just be tempted when you listen to Junebug, its a pretty good ditty.

  1. Darkness 2:54
  2. Junebug 3:58
  3. Nightfall 3:25
  4. Climb A Mountain 3:44
  5. I Like The Air 3:21
  6. Keep On Running 3:43
  7. Mescaline 4:06
  8. Where You Came From 2:53
  9. One By One 5:17
  10. Hallways 2:50
  11. Playground 3:44
  12. Do What I Can 3:35