Little Kid Sings Michael Jackson’s Beat It, Pretty Funny

Posted on October 03, 2010

Somebody sent me this link to a video and all it said was ‘Little kid in a car seat sings ‘Beat It’. I thought it was pretty funny so here is the video for your entertainment.

It was a bit of a slow burn to start with, but give the kid his due he had the song and the moves nailed and it’s also very funny. Might even be better than Michael Jackson was at his age.

Why Was Michael Jackson the King of Pop ?

Posted on June 19, 2010

Why Was Michael Jackson the King of Pop? is a question that can be answered very easily. It was down to his raw talent in every direction of entertainment as a solo performer.

The first basic requirement of a pop artist is that they should be able to sing and there is no doubt that Jackson could do that in spade fulls. Then they must be able to connect with the audience and when you watch Michael Jackson perform, he actually lives his songs, the emotion comes right through, how could he fail to connect to his audience on that basis.

Then there is the wow factor, being innovative and the first to do something new and never seen before, again Michael Jackson did this time and time again, both through his music and his dancing. He also had the ability to see how certain songs, subjects and issues could be broached through music where others did not and he made it work.

He was the quintessential all round performer who did everything he approached to the absolute highest level of perfection. That is why his songs work, his performances were second to none and he was the best entertainer the world has ever seen.

But when you ask the question ‘why was Michael Jackson the King of Pop’ don’t read the words, just watch the videos. That is where you will really find the answers.