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Posted on November 11, 2012

Films & TV on DVD

As a supplement to your musical entertainment you are welcome to browse a range of books and films on DVD or Bluray.
Downton AbbeyFirst up is one for the oldies. The fabulous period costume drama from UK TV, Downton Abbey Series 3. This highly popular DVD or Blu-Ray is now available for all Downton Abbey fans that have not been able to view series 3 or want to get their Downton Abbey fix whenever they like. This series picks the story up just after the end of the first world war and at a time when Downton, like many of the big houses, is struggling financially and having to deal with significant social changes as a result of the sacrifices made during the Great War.

Whether they admit it or not, there are many guys out there that love this TV program as much as their wives and I don’t mind admitting that I was just a little bit addicted, helped of course by the fact that the ladies of the manor were actually pretty fit as well as being a bit posh.

Of course Downton Abbey is not going to be everyone’s preferred choice so if you have something else in mind then you only have to visit the huge range of DVD’s available for all the best films, TV shows and box sets that will keep you entertained for hours and hours.

Doesn’t hurt that this particular selection comes from a selection of award winning titles, Oscar winners past and present, Emmy winners and Global Globe winners, not to mention the top TV awards.

So you will be getting the best of the best from the worlds of TV and film. Why not go and check out what’s available and suits your mood for an evening or two’s entertainment of the visual kind. You can just settle into a big comfy sofa and enjoy the show.

Discounted Books on Amazon

It’s always nice to know if you visit this part of the Amazon website you are going to get a discount on your books, whether you want one or not!

There is a good chance you will find just the book you were looking for at a knockdown price, just visit the featured genres or chose from one of the huge choice of alternative genres listed. There will also be a selection of recommended books from the Amazon editors in case you just don’t know what to read next.

You can even sell your books if you want to, finished studying and got some text books you will never need again? Then Amazon will take them off your hands even if you didn’t buy them from Amazon.

Back to the Music

Actually I can’t abandon music completely, especially if your main interest lies in recently released music. This is where you can find the latest and greatest music, DVD’s, CD’s and MP3 downloads right on your favourite Internet site.

There is no doubt that some of the tracks will get featured at one point or another, but in the meantime you can enjoy the music and get ready to comment on the article when it arrives. Lets face it music is fun, it can lift your mood, relax you or just get you ready for a party. Life without music would be a little bit boring, don’t you think. No matter how good the alternatives are.

Gwen Stefani, What Are You Waiting For – The Tick Tock Song

Posted on May 01, 2011

Gwen Stefani is a singer, songwriter and fashion designer, in some ways she represents to me an early version of Lady Gaga. Basically because of her mix of music and fashion. Her first album, of which I am a proud owner, was called Love Angel Music Baby and includes one of my favourite tracks What You Waiting For, as featured in the video. Has to be said she comes across as a little bit crazy, but to be honest that is probably what appeals about her and while we are on the subject of honesty, there isn’t really a track on this album that I don’t like. They are all a bit quirky and zany which to me adds up to great musical entertainment.

Gwen has won an American Music Award, a Grammy and four of each MTV Video Music Awards and Teen Choice Awards. She has sold more than 18,000,000 albums worldwide. So definitely no slouch in the music world.

Oh yeah and if you click on what’s next after the video plays you can watch a few more of Gwen’s tracks including the totally mad ‘Wind It Up’. I love that one and if you can’t wait you can go straight to Wind It Up here.

Love Angel Music Baby

1.What You Waiting For? 3:41
2. Rich Girl 3:56
3. Hollaback Girl [Explicit] 3:20
4. Cool 3:09
5. Bubble Pop Electric 3:42
6. Luxurious 4:25
7. Harajuku Girls 4:50
8. Crash 4:06
9. The Real Thing 4:10
10. Serious 4:47
11. Danger Zone 3:37
12. Long Way To Go 4:34