Dear Darlin – Olly Murs Featuring Alizee

Posted on December 14, 2013

Olly Murs seems to have gone from strength to strength in recent times. His release ‘Dear Darlin’ featuring Alizee has to be one of my favourite tracks from him. I suppose because Alizee is French and very sexy, the track that gets played most on French radio is of course the version with Alizee making a contribution.

All I can say is good choice, only shame is that I searched high and low for a decent video of the track with them both in it and couldn’t really find one. So you are going to have to settle for this one that has been produced with still shots and the lyrics, not such a disaster for everyone I am sure. Plus with the bonus video of Alizee doing a very nice French number in a typically cheesy French style, I am sure you will forgive me. But in case you really do want to see Olly on film performing you can do that here

Just remember you are missing out on hearing the lovely Alizee singing in her lyrical French language, which really is a very classy addition to the track, French is the language of love course and very beautiful to listen to. Dear Darlin is the final track on the album Right Place, Right Time (US Version) which really is a fabulous album and will I am sure make you an Olly Murs fan if you aren’t already.

Right Place Right Time – Playlist

  1. Army of Two 4:49
  2. Heart Skips a Beat 3:23
  3. Troublemaker 3:05
  4. Dance With Me Tonight 3:24
  5. Hand on Heart 3:18
  6. Hey You Beautiful 3:07
  7. Right Place Right Time 3:15
  8. Oh My Goodness 3:04
  9.  Loud & Clear 3:49 $1.29
  10. Dear Darlin’ 3:28

This is definitely an album worth buying, it’s going on my Amazon Wish List.

My Heart Skips a Beat – Olly Murs and the Rizzle Kicks

Posted on July 08, 2012

The Rizzle Kicks have been a bit of slow burn for me, every time I have seen them performing I have warmed to them a little more. Then when they did this collaboration with Olly Murs I started to think ‘yes I get them a bit’. Might be because I share a common surname with one half of the pair, Jordan “Rizzle” Stephens, but I doubt it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not about to turn into a hip hop granddad wearing lots of bling and talking funny. I am just saying, actually they are not bad and I can see why a lot of kids are into them.

They got noticed by taking their productions to Youtube and after going down a bit of a storm they were picked up by the Islands Records record label. It is the collaboration with Olly Murs that got them a number 1 spot in the UK and their own track ‘Down with the Trumpets’ made it to number 8 and stayed in the top 40 for 13 weeks. So not so shabby and probably only a matter of time before they have their very own stand alone number 1.

This is their Stereo Typical album.

1. Dreamers 4:34
2. When I Was A Youngster 2:55
3. Round Up 3:35
4. Down With The Trumpets 3:06
5. Demolition Man 2:59
6. Prophet (Better Watch It) 3:08
7. Mama Do The Hump 3:36
8. Miss Cigarette 4:11
9. Traveller’s Chant 3:28
10. Stop With The Chatter 3:31
11. Homewrecker 3:53
12. Trouble 3:02
13. Learn My Lesson 3:29
14. Even On A Rainy Day