Leah McFall Does Loving You by Minnie Ripperton

Posted on June 03, 2013

Wow, I hadn’t been that impressed by Will-I-Am’s choice of artists in ‘The Voice’. But when he put through Leah McFall without having to compete for her place and then she show pieced the Minnie Riperton ‘Loving You’ track, I just thought he might have the winner here. What an amazing cover that would make, she took the high notes even higher, I thought at the time, than Minnie did way back in her heyday in 1975, a song I remember well in a year I will never forget. School leaving age is a time that you cement in your memory, a marker year that helps you recall a thing or two in what is generally a blur as the years speed by.

But then I decided to play Minnie Riperton back just to be sure, and to be honest I think she just edges it. I have included her video as well to help you decide who you think really hit the high notes. That doesn’t take it away from Leah though, that performance was top drawer and she justified exactly why she had got the free pass. So now I am looking forward to see what else she can offer in the live finals and also to find out if she is in fact going to go on to win the show. Have a look at the video and see if you hear what heard and whether you think it might just have been a bit special.

All that said winning The Voice this year is not going to be easy for anyone, every one of the coaches has got at least one potential winner and I think they all made a pretty good choice over the free pass. Anyway, time will tell and we will soon be watching the final, so remember you heard it here, Leah McFall to win the voice. Why? Because she has the broadest appeal for the people that vote, she is a pop artist not a country singer, folk singer or a rocker. Not that there is anything wrong with any of those genres, well maybe country is a bit iffy, they just have their own niches and less of a general following. And at the end of the day it is going to votes that carry people through to the final position from here on in and the broader your appeal, the more votes you are likely to get.

No doubt if she gets knocked out next week, I will have to eat humble pie. But even if I do the video is staying published. Because it was, after all, a pretty sensational performance by a pretty impressive performer.

Why Was Michael Jackson the King of Pop ?

Posted on June 19, 2010

Why Was Michael Jackson the King of Pop? is a question that can be answered very easily. It was down to his raw talent in every direction of entertainment as a solo performer.

The first basic requirement of a pop artist is that they should be able to sing and there is no doubt that Jackson could do that in spade fulls. Then they must be able to connect with the audience and when you watch Michael Jackson perform, he actually lives his songs, the emotion comes right through, how could he fail to connect to his audience on that basis.

Then there is the wow factor, being innovative and the first to do something new and never seen before, again Michael Jackson did this time and time again, both through his music and his dancing. He also had the ability to see how certain songs, subjects and issues could be broached through music where others did not and he made it work.

He was the quintessential all round performer who did everything he approached to the absolute highest level of perfection. That is why his songs work, his performances were second to none and he was the best entertainer the world has ever seen.

But when you ask the question ‘why was Michael Jackson the King of Pop’ don’t read the words, just watch the videos. That is where you will really find the answers.