Lady Gaga, Hair, Edge of Glory and Judas – Paul O’Grady Show

Posted on June 20, 2011

Lady Gaga & Lady StarlightWhat a treat for Lady Gaga fans, a whole Lady Gaga show on a Friday night, talking to Paul O’Grady. Not sure what these 2 have in common, but they were waxing lyrical about each other’s talents and contribution to the world of entertainment. Paul O’Grady did become famous dressing up as a woman, so maybe that could be it? Only joking, I think that whole weener thing was a publicity stunt personally. Actually he had interviewed her before she took over the world of pop music, and she does come across as a very likable and genuine person, who is quite loyal and well grounded, given the level of adoration she attracts.

I don’t really care why Lady Gaga decided to do the Paul O’Grady show, I am just glad she did and in the process that she belted out 3 of her new singles Hair, Edge of Glory and Judas. I am a big Gaga fan although as yet I am not one of her nearly 11,000,000 followers on Twitter. Better sort that out I suppose, it was a great show so perhaps I could be number 11,000,000 if that tribute hasn’t gone already.

The video below is of her performing the last of her performances, which was my personal favorite, probably because it was a medley of a few different tracks including ‘Born This Way‘ and Judas. I’m not that hot on the ‘Hair’ release, bit dreary for a Gaga I think, but I am sure there will be several million out there that will disagree, and she will be making more money out of this than I am. Loved Edge of Glory as well though.

Have to say, she probably doesn’t realise it but Lady Gaga has broken a new record today, she is the first artist I have featured twice. How did that happen with so many tracks and artists to choose from. I guess 11,000,000 Twitter followers can’t be wrong. The most followed person in the world deserves 2 mentions I reckon. The photo is of her and her mate Lady Starlight when they performed together back in 2007, they put that act together just to annoy people, can’t see that did her any harm though, annoying must be good.

Her latest album is called Born This Way and features all the tracks performed on this epic UK TV Lady Gaga spectacular, have to admit for a chat show, it was pretty spectacular. The girl definitely has stage presence. If like me you don’t love every single track, you can of course just download the ones you do, what a winner this new technology is.

Hope you enjoy the videos as much as me, a worthy double mention.

Born This Way Album – Lady Gaga

1. Marry The Night 4:24
2. Born This Way 4:20
3. Government Hooker 4:14
4. Judas 4:09
5. Americano 4:06
6. Hair 5:08
7. ScheiBe 3:45
8. Bloody Mary 4:05
9. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion 3:36
10. Bad Kids 3:51
11. Fashion Of His Love 3:39
12. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) 4:16
13. Heavy Metal Lover 4:12
14. Electric Chapel 4:12
15. The Queen 5:16
16. You And I 5:07
17. The Edge Of Glory 5:20