Standing in the Way of Control -Beth Ditto and Gossip

Posted on December 16, 2011

Beth Ditto - Standing in the Way of ControlYou have to love this one from Beth Ditto performing ‘Standing in the Way of Control’ live. You do actually wonder now and then if she is actually going to run out of breath or collapse on the stage. But she does manage to belt it out from start to finish, so good job girl. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she hadn’t had a cover done on the XFactor this year, seeing that they had a few girls that could belt it out and because she is featured in the latest Dior advert if you listen to the background music.

There were those that weren’t impressed by Beth Ditto and actually suggested that the advert was better with the sound turned off so you could appreciate the beauty of Charlize Theron without being distracted.

Well all I can say to that was I had no problem enjoying the music or the view, and whoever said that needs to get a life in my view. I have to be honest though I couldn’t actually recall the name Beth Ditto and it took me a while to track her down and get her videos from YouTube. But I am glad to say I got there in the end. It was worth the effort as well, because Beth Ditto is a bit of a unique talent who definitely has a sound of her own. Plus I may have forgotten her name for a little while but I certainly knew who she was as soon as I saw her, she is a big girl after all and from that perspective very memorable.