Bo Bruce – One to Watch from the Voice on BBC

Posted on June 03, 2012

I have to say that I don’t normally write about talent shows, especially when they have only just been aired, I made an exception a little while ago with Rebecca Ferguson, after an appropriate period of time had passed, and now I am doing it again with Bo Bruce. Although no appropriate period required in this case. I watched her performance of ‘Charlie Brown’, originally written and released by Coldplay, last week on The Voice, and considered that it was this performance that got her through to the final show.

The original version of the track included a reference to Charlie Brown the famous ‘Peanuts’cartoon character, but it was taken out by the time the track was officially released, so there isn’t actually any relationship between the song and the character now, other than it remained the title as the band struggled to come up with an alternative title.

So what was it that caught my attention with this particular performance, well it was really just the way she seemed to get lost in the music, forgetting where she was and producing a fabulous version of the Coldplay track. Obviously that was the opinion of Bo herself and her mentor Danny O’Donoghue, a main segment of the band ‘The Script’, because she then chose the track as her favourite performance to repeat in the live finals. The featured video however is the original performance, because that is the one that caught my attention, although it was just as good in the live finals, albeit jazzed up a bit with some black lighting effects. Hope you enjoy the video, plus the original Coldplay version that has been included for comparison.

So is she one to watch? She didn’t actually win, that honour went to Leanne Mitchell who was mentored by Tom Jones, but for me Bo Bruce has something a little different to offer. A fresh sound and a great stage presence. I definitely think she is one to watch and although she didn’t get this record deal, I just can’t imagine there isn’t a single producer out there that didn’t see what I saw. It looked a bit like Danny O’Donoghue was more than a little taken with her as well.

I guess the writing was on the wall for Leanne to take the title and the record deal when she had Tom Jones and Jessy J in tears with her performance of ‘Run to You’, a Whitney Houston classic. Which in truth is fair enough because the program was called the voice and she certainly had that aspect nailed. Plus with the recent passing of Whitney there was always going to be an interest in a singer that could perform to the standard set by Whitney when she was at her best.

I have popped her performance in here out of fairness, because it was actually pretty damn good and a deserving winner on the day. The other performances by Tyler and Vince weren’t bad either, but I guess you can work out who my top two favourites were.

Tom Jones, Burning Hell Performed on the Jonathon Ross Show

Posted on September 01, 2010

The old Welsh maestro may have turned 70 but he can still belt out a tune, the video of Burning Hell was performed on the Jonathon Ross show in 2010 and is a track from his latest album Praise and Blame which is dedicated to his Gospel upbringing.

Its easy to forget just how long Tom has been around or the fact that he used to hang out with Elvis Presley, hitting the town occasionally and jamming gospel songs together. He really is a very charismatic character and has over the years managed to reinvent himself so many times. Duetting with some of the best and performing with some great young bands. I personally love his album from a little while back which was simply called Mr Jones by Tom Jones. But I have to admit his latest album Praise & Blame (UK version) has had a lot more 5 star reviews by the discerning public. So I may have to stand corrected, it certainly does seem to have some good sounds going on there and of a variety which I am sure will appeal to the American market.

Praise and Blame

1. What Good Am I? 3:51
2. Lord Help 3:42
3. Did Trouble Me 4:14
4. Strange Things 3:00
5. Burning Hell 3:25
6. If I Give My Soul 3:29
7. Don’t Knock 2:15
8. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 3:40
9. Didn’t It Rain 3:19
10. Ain’t No Grave 3:07
11. Run On 3:58