The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name

Posted on January 01, 2012

It was a great night on the Jools Holland show last night for his New Year Hootenanny and I loved the performances by The Ting Tings. I might have been a bit premature searching for the YouTube videos of the show however, all I could find was Jessie J’s Price Tag, James Morrison and Pokey Lafarge. So I had to settle for a previous version of the Ting Tings performing ‘That’s Not My Name’. Bit of a shame because I thought the one from last night seeing us into 2012 was better than this one. Still I’ll keep checking and I am sure it will come on-line eventually and then I can change it out. There were a few more I wanted to blog about, Sandie Shaw was excellent and so was Cindy Lauper’s Time after Time. I quite liked Caro Emerald as well, so I will definitely be looking again in a few days to see what has appeared. I popped a little bit of Caro from Strictly in to give you a flavour of what she gets up to, the dancing is not bad either.

The Ting Tings ‘That’s Not My Name’ has actually been around since 2008 when it went to number 1 in the UK charts. So as usual I have been a bit slow catching up. Time does fly when you are enjoying yourself after all. I think what appealed was that Ting Tings sounded a little like one my most favourite bands Transvision Vamp, which I always refer to as a punk meets pop group. Strange then that Katie White started in an all girl punk group called TKO (Technical Knock Out)

Their d├ębut album was We Started Nothing released in 2008 but which initially found its way onto the Internet consequently being downloaded for free by rather a lot of unscrupulous people. Loyal fans came to their rescue however and supported the group by starting to buy the album legally taking them to number 1 in the UK album charts. According to Wikipedia anyway.

That’s quite good really, because at the end of the day, illegal downloading has the potential to kill the industry and no one sensible wants that to happen. I will get off my soapbox now though, in case I bore anyone to death with my goody two shoes attitude, and anyway I need to get on with some illegal downloading now. Only joking. Here is the album listing and I hope you enjoy the videos.

We Started Nothing

1. Great DJ 3:22
2. That’s Not My Name 5:10
3. Fruit Machine 2:52
4. Traffic Light 2:57
5. Shut Up And Let Me Go 2:51
6. Keep Your Head 3:22
7. Be The One 2:56
8. We Walk 4:04
9. Impacilla Carpisung 3:39
10. We Started Nothing 6:22

Transvision Vamp Featuring the Fabulous Wendy James

Posted on July 14, 2010

Wendy James of Transvision VampI have been wanting to post this one for ages now, Transvision Vamp Featuring the Fabulous Wendy James, because very simply put, I just love them. Their music is punk meets pop and the underlying beat that comes with it is a real spirit lifter. Quite frankly whenever I am feeling down in the dumps this is the music I reach for to make it all better. Not sure the wife always appreciates it but then she doesn’t love me when I am grumpy either.

I found this tribute video to Transvision Vamp by the Scissors Sisters that pretty much sums up how most people feel about the band, but more specifically Wendy James. She was pretty damned gorgeous and the video for ‘Baby I Don’t Care’ demonstrates why most members of the male gender thought why. Good looking with attitude probably sums it up.

Despite what you might be thinking, it isn’t or wasn’t all about Wendy, a significant part maybe, it is also about the sound they produced. I suppose being a 70’s teenager and brought up with Punk Rock, which if I am honest I wasn’t that mad about, I was ready for something a bit carefree and rebellious but that was fun to. Punk Rock seemed to be a little too much about anarchy and sticking two fingers up to society for me.

Hey my nan and granddad were society and well, they were my nan and granddad, so I wasn’t about to start feff’ing and jeffing in front of them for any amount of peer pressure.

So when the punk meets pop band of the 80’s comes along in the form of Transvision Vamp with the added bonus of Wendy James looking like she did, then I was sold and have been ever since. You can verify this by visiting a tribute article I wrote about them on Squidoo called simply Transvison Vamp. You can find loads more information on them and a fast route to some of their albums, which actually have a bit of a cult following. Not hard to see why, but a word of warning, there does seem to be no middle ground with this band, you will either love them or hate them. Leave me a comment if you fancy telling me which camp you are in and if its the love them category you may want to control+D this blog for some more of what you might like.