Lulu, Singer and Songwriter – Shout

Posted on May 20, 2012

If you are going to write an article about Lulu and provide a featured video, then you really can’t ignore her iconic record from the 60’s – Shout. It is the sound that saw Lulu burst onto the music scene back in the swinging 60’s. 1965 to be exact and four years before she secured a top place in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1969 with another big hit – Boom Bang A Bang.

In 1975 Lulu had one of the highest accolades a singer could achieve at that time when she performed the title song for a James Bond film, The Man With the Golden Gun. Any singer that got the title song to a bond movie was really considered to be at the top of their game and that hasn’t really changed in recent times. Many a recording artist has seen their career take off as a result of an association with a top rated movie. Shirley Bassey would probably back me up on that one, she got to do three title songs and it didn’t do her any harm whatsoever.  Other top rankers include Tom Jones, Madonna, Paul McCartney with Wings, Duran Duran and quite a few more.

It was only Duran Duran that got a number one hit in the States with their title song for ‘A View to a Kill’. Paul McCartney and Carly Simon got number 2 hits with their title songs and Lulu’s ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ got labelled as a little bit smutty and never really did very much in the charts at all, despite Lulu’s best efforts.

She had better luck with her liaison with Take that, and ‘Relight my Fire’ went to number one in the UK charts, this was about the same time as she released her 90’s album Independence and got involved with the UK TV show ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ demonstrating that she doesn’t mind taking the mickey out of herself and is definitely game for a laugh. Lest face it she has been around at the top of TV and music for 50 years now, and no one does that unless they have got something special to offer. I actually think she looks better now than she did back in the 70’s and 80’s, but then both those decades represent a bit of a fashion disaster for most people, especially in the UK.

Given Lulu’s career spans 5 decades then you probably wouldn’t be surprised that it is Lulu’s Greatest Hits that represent the best way to get a taste of her best music, all available for download as MP3 tracks so you can select the ones you like the best, or you could just buy the whole album, it would certainly be a nostalgic trip when you sit and listen to it.

Lulu’s Greatest Hits

1. Shout Lulu And The Luvvers 2:55
2. Independence Lulu 4:13
3. Relight My Fire Take That Featuring Lulu 4:08
4. Teardrops Lulu 4:45 $0.99
5. I Don’t Wanna Fight Lulu 4:45
6. We’ve Got Tonight Lulu 3:37
7. The Man Who Sold The World Lulu 3:51
8. Where The Poor Boys Dance Lulu 3:51
9. Hurt Me So Bad Lulu 3:54
10. To Sir With Love Lulu 2:43
11. Oh Me Oh My (I’m A Fool For You Baby) Lulu 2:40
12. I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do) Lulu 3:08
13. Sail On Sailor Lulu 3:24
14. I’m Back For More Lulu 4:07
15. The Man With The Golden Gun Lulu 2:34
16. The Boat That I Row Lulu 2:43
17. Boom Bang-A-Bang Lulu 2:20
18. First Of May Lulu 3:07

Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO

Posted on November 21, 2011

Sexy and I Know It - LMFAOThis video by LMFAO performing their recent hit ‘Sexy and I Know It’ is just pure class. Comedy class that is,hilarious because they really do not even come close to being sexy. So, whether they realise it or not, this is basically a mickey take of themselves, confirmed by the appearance of Ron Jeremy, who is a bit of a porn star apparently. Lets face it, the video is all about portraying men’s genitalia which definitely are not sexy and, besides when you are having a laugh, should be kept well and truly under wraps when in public. In other words they should only be brought out for private use as and when required!!.

The tune is quite catchy and it has been doing well in the UK charts in recent weeks although now starting to drop back down. It is a bit of a laugh and comes under the genre of ‘Party Rock’, not the most sought after of genres, more of an amusing aside for most music fans. Still entertainment comes in many forms so if you like it you like it, no need to explain why.

Sexy and I know It is the 4th track of their album Sorry for Party Rocking

Sorry for Party Rocking

1. Rock The Beat II
2. Sorry For Party Rocking
3. Party Rock Anthem (featuring Lauren Bennett and Goonrock)
4. Sexy And I Know It
5. Champagne Showers (featuring Natalia Kills)
6. One Day
7. Take It To The Hole (featuring Busta Rhymes)
8. Best Night (featuring, Goonrock and Eva Simons)
9. All Night Long (featuring Lisa)
10. With You