What Have I Done to Deserve This – Dusty Springfield and the Pet Shop Boys

Posted on July 08, 2010

One of my favorite albums of all time is Goin’ Back: Very Best Of Dusty Springfield. The featured video on this post is ‘What Have I done to Deserve this’ from the album which was done in co-operation with ‘The Pet Shop Boys’. It was released in 1987 and made it to number 2 in the UK charts and number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the States. It also made number 1 in Ireland but was a little less popular around the rest of the world.

The release of the record revived Dusty’s career and reminded us all just how talented she was. A British singer from an Irish family her career started in 1963 with her hit record ‘I only want to be with you’, another track on her ‘best of’ album. Her revival lasted until 1994 when she fell ill with breast cancer, which she fought for 5 years until she finally lost the battle in 1999. She made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame posthumously 10 days after her death and she was also awarded the Order of the British Empire which she received in her hospital bed shortly before she died.

A great singer with a great voice and one of my favorite performers, check out the album to see why.

All 25 tracks of Goin’ Back: Very Best Of Dusty Springfield

1. Wishin’ And Hopin’
2. Little By Little
3. All Cried Out
4. Losing You
5. Son Of A Preacher Man
6. All I See Is You
7. In The Middle Of Nowhere
8. What Have I Done To Deserve This
9. Goin’ Back
10. Island Of Dreams
11. I’ll Try Anything
12. Reputation
13. Stay Awhile
14. In Private
15. Time And Time Again
16. I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
17. I Only Want To Be With You
18. Windmills Of Your Mind
19. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
20. Say I Won’t Be There
21. Some Of Your Lovin’
22. The Look Of Love
23. I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten
24. Nothing Has Been Proved
25. You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me