Kim Wilde – You Keep Me Hanging On

Posted on April 07, 2012

Who would have thought that Kim Wilde would turn into a middle aged landscape gardener, and actually quite a good one. Still have to say I preferred her 1980’s image and this cover of the Supremes ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’ was one of her best.
She was a bit of a siren back in those days and certainly knew how to strut her stuff. Watch the video if you don’t believe me. But ‘heah’ we could all strut some sort of stuff when we were a bit younger and you have to remind yourself when you reach my age that the 80’s was thirty years ago now. I know I can’t believe it either but it is, really.

Kim didn’t actually do too brilliantly in her pop career as far as the States is concerned, she only actually had a couple of top 40 hits in the US ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’ was the second and last, but at least it did top the charts there, where the best it did in the UK was number two. This followed on from the ‘new wave’ hit ‘Kids in America’but was a much better effort and a cracking cover of that Supremes original and gave it a pretty good 80’s makeover.

Europe seemed to take Kim Wilde to its heart as well as her native UK and she had great success in places such as Germany, Scandanavia and France. Her best selling album was Close which spent nearly 8 months in the UK album chart. So it wasn’t at all doom and gloom in the UK and Kim was one of the UK’s most successful female artists.